I Love Chicken Contest

Hey Chicken lovers! The love that our fans have shown for chicken has been truly overwhelming. It's been so great, in fact, that it has inspired us to host an "I Love Chicken" contest, giving you the chance to tell us and show us just how far you'd go for some chicken. Share your love for chicken with the rest of the world and win some cash while doing it. Enter the "I Love Chicken" video contest, sponsored by The National Chicken Council. Second prize is free chicken for a year from El Pollo Loco!

What is the contest all about?

We love chicken, and want to know if you do too! Simply show us your love for chicken in a creative video to be eligible for prizes.

I Love Chicken so much...
"...I laid an egg!"
"...it is a wonder i don't have feathers and cluck."
"...I dress my dog up like a chicken and call him cluck-ie."
"...that I eat, sleep and dream about Chicken!"
"...if we lived in Canada, I would have Married it!"
"...my "CLUCK" is way better than my "MOO"!!!!!"
"...I wish I was Colonel Sanders because he gets all the doubledowns he can eat."
"...It makes my husband cocky and it makes me lay eggs!!! lol"
"...I got naked!"
"...I would get up on the roof and shout, "I love you chicken!"
"...I saw that Ray Stevens video Teenage Mutant Kung Fu Chickens and ate the screen I am now Pixel Man."
"...I can say "Mmm! Is this chicken?" in 10 different languages!"
"...I have a pet chicken that I bring with me in a purse everywhere I go."
"...I would put it in jelly."
"...I have KFC tattooed on my forearm :)"
Erica DWR
"...I love chicken so much that if it were just the two of us left in a post-apocalyptic scenario, and our reproduction were the last hope for living things, I would rather let animal kind go extinct than despoil a feather. Bless you, chicken!"
"...If i were before a firing squad and were giving a choice of my last meal it would be chicken."
"...if I could, I'd marry it."
"...I rooted for the chicken when it was fighting Peter Griffen."
"...I became a black chicken... I dissed the ability of speech for making chicken noises, I dissed human-mobility for chicken-movements, and most of all, I dissed fine human skin for black chicken feathers."
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